Bennie the BackboneTM

Teaching chiropractic just got easier!

Do you have a desire to teach your community about chiropractic?

Would you love to get out into your community but not sure where to start?  

Would you like to find more ways to reach your community? 

Do you run a wellness based practice that already cares for children and families? 




Meet Bennie the BackboneTM!  Bennie is a lovable bone that lives in Jan's spine and is eager to teach others about the importance of spinal care starting at a young age.  Using the Bennie teaching system makes it EASY to teach about the benefits of chiropractic care to families in your community.  Bennie is ready to help you reach and teach the families in your community.  Browse all the Bennie line of products and let him help you make a difference in the lives of children in your community.


Kids will learn chiropractic concepts easily with Bennie the BackboneTM   -   a perfect starting point for your children's programs!

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